About us? There are many different things we could tell you about us but some thing's do come to mind when someone asks us to describe the essence of "Bucketheads"!

Natalie worked on her jewelry and t-shirt business for over a year, with the help of her family, they began to really kick it into high gear in the fall of 2009. Once things kicked off we had to find the perfect spot! The Mall of Abilene had a small store they were trying to lease, so, with little (if any) discussion we were signing a contract and moved into a store with less than a weeks notice.

Our first day was black Friday of 2009 and with only a 6-week contract signed, Bucketheads closed on January 1st unsure of our future was…One month later, as a family, we decided to remodel and go for round two.

Many years later, multiple expansions, remodels, relocations, stitches, mistakes, tears, fights and plenty of nights with no sleep; Bucketheads is now located in the Mall of Abilene. Along with a home and gift store located on South 27th here in Abilene. 

Through all the craziness of two stores we have now ventured into Lubbock, TX. Yes you read that right, we have a third store as of July 2018. 

We are so thankful to have such an amazing fan base and we appreciate all of your business.